A journey into the kingdom of heaven

Tibet-Tour with Quasan und Shamba

26. August – 17. September 2014

2014 is the year of the horse in the Tibetan calendar which occurs every twelve years. In Tibetan pilgrimage practice, it is said that going around the holy Mount Kailash (Kora) once during the Year of the Horse is karmically equivalent to completing 12 Kora.

The vast extent, the wisdom and the power of Mt. Kailash help you in finding the divine within you, in recognising your destiny and in walking your own path.

A journey to the Mt. Kailash is a journey that leads you ‘inside’. This journey can be used to encounter your past and left behinds consciously and with love, in order to make them useful for your further development. Mt. Kailash is a place with a high transformational energy. All the unsolved issues come to surface in the high mountain dessert, in order to make you free.

The Holy Mount Kailash

Is situated 1200km in the west of Lhasa in one of the most inaccessible areas of Tibet. The 6714m high Mount Kailash towers out of the Transhimalaya like a glacier dome. Mt. Kailash is not only geographically one of the most important mountains in Asia -it is the source of four major rivers, namely, the Indus, Sutlej, Karnali and Tsang Po which nourish Asia with water- but as well mythologically is the even pyramid made of ice and stone the centre of the earth. Hindus believe Mt. Kailash to be the throne of Lord Shiva and his wife Parvati. In Sanskrit Kailash means ‘luminous crystal’. Tibetan Buddhists regard Kailash as the body of the mandalas of Chakra Sambhava, a high godhead, and call it the Kang Rinpoche, which means ‘Jewel of Snow’. Every devote Tibetan Buddhist should have at least once in his live completed the Kora, the ritual pilgrimage around Kailash, which cleanses away the karma of a whole lifetime.


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German & English


Contact and registration

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At the throne of Lord Shiva

You transform:

fear to power, war to peace, ego to divinity, seperation to unity.

You experience:

pure & true living yourself, love, freedom, fire, devotion, fulfilling the will of your heart, completion and eternal joy inside you even in the material world.

Information about the trip as PDF (German)


  • 26. 8.: Latest arrival in Kathmandu (KTM)
  • 27. 8. – 31.8. : Sightseeing from Kathmandu and surrounding places, stay in Kali Ashram
  • 1. 9.: Entrance in Tibet
  • 1.-3. 9. : Acclimatisation in Nyalam (3700m)
  • 4.-6. 9.: Drive and visit of Tsaparang, Garuda Tal and Tirthapuri
  • 7. 9.: Drive to Darchen (4560), start place of Kailash-Cora
  • 8.-11. 9.: Kailash-Kora
  • 12. 9.: Rest day in Manasarovara-lake
  • 13.-15. 9.: Drive back to Nepal

Information on Travel

When to go

26 August to 17 September 2014 (including a week in Nepal)


at least 4, maximum 10 people


4-7 people = 2600-3200 Euro

8 - 10 people = 2200 to 2500 Euro

The exact travel cost depends on the number of participants from the group!

For more information please contact Quasan or Shamba.

Included in the price

In Nepal:

  • Airport transfer between Kathmandu Airport and guest house.
  • All nights in a double room including breakfast and lunch in Kathmandu Kali Ashram (before the trip)
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu and drive to Kali Ashram

In Tibet:

  • Drive to Mt Kailash, with Van and accompanying trucks,
  • All permits and road tolls in Tibet; Tibetan guide and driver
  • Crew von Nepal: Koch Team
  • In Tibet, two vegetarian meals (breakfast and dinner) daily, a picnic lunch while on the go
  • On the journey nights in basic accommodation (in rest homes or at Kailash in two-man tents)
  • All applicable entrance fees
  • Yaks and Yakführer for luggage transport and equipment
  • Drive from Mt Kailash to the Nepalese border and on to Kathmandu

Not included in the price

  • Flight to Kathmandu: ticket is about EUR 600-950
  • 30 days Multi-Nepal visa, payable in cash upon arrival at the airport at passport control
  • Visa - fee for Tibet
  • Expenses in Tibet for souvenirs, sightseeing, your own drinks, individual snacks for the road.
  • Fees for yaks or horses and their leaders for passenger transport on Kailash
  • Cost of any necessary visas division of group visa at Notrückführungen

General Information

Please take note:

The food is prepared by nepalese cook-crew, good and tasty.

We assume no liability or additional costs due to landslides, Wegverschüttungen or other problems caused by weather or politics. You are responsible for your own health. Our travel arrangement allows sufficient acclimatization.

The journey with the LANDCRUISER jeeps or the VAN usually goes over 100s of kilometers over dusty dirt roads. The jeep / van are as comfortable touring cars equipped.

Nights take place in shared rooms. Sanitary facilities may be limited to an "outhouse". Proper washing facilities with "western standard" it almost does not exist on the trip!

During the Kailash - Kora is stayed in 2-person tents. The tents for the night and the cook tent and toilet tent are raised by the chefs. We expect the willingness to share accommodation or tent with another (whether man or woman).

For the Kora horses can be borrowed from a self to carry the day or for carrying luggage. Each horse has its own horse leader. The borrowed horse can be used only by the person who has borrowed it. Yaks are available generally for carrying tents, food and cooking accessories.

We reserve the right to adjust the tour price if the EUR against the U.S. dollar significantly lose value or the cost to fly from Kathmandu to Lhasa changes significantly.

The general recommendation is to buy the utensils trekking on the first day in KTM or rent, if one has not.

Visa and Passport Information

The visa Nepal is best applied on arrival in Nepal. Upon initial entry in the calendar year to obtain a multiple-entry visa. It is either valid for 30 or 90 days from arrival and costs about $ 40 or $ 100 Pass Validity: At least 6 more months upon entry. It requires a total of four passport photos.

IMPORTANT: For the Tibet permit and visa application, we need a copy of your passport by email when booking the trip. We need only the data with the image (half-key size), nothing else! As small as possible. No frame, max. 50-100 KB, only in JPG format (no PDF), since the Internet connections are very slow in Nepal.

Equipment List

  • Worm Trekking / Hiking Shoes
  • Sleeping bag (comfort-5C, Extreme-20C, can be rented in KTM by appointment!)
  • Thermo rest sleeping mat (can be rented in KTM by appointment!)
  • Raincoat / Jacket
  • Warm Underwear
  • Woollen sweater, Woollen socks
  • Gloves, hat and scarf
  • Sun cream, cold cream
  • Sun glasses with side protection, sun hat
  • Lip protection / eye drops
  • Lightweight thin scarf (anti-dust)
  • Waschlappen
  • Hand sanitizers or wipes
  • Water bottle (suitable for hot water min. 1L) and / or thermos
  • Pocket knife, flashlight
  • Lighter (only with flint, such as BIC. Electronic lighters do not work)
  • A maximum of two pieces of luggage: a day pack (20L) and a travel bag (max. 40-50L). (Please no suitcases or racks)
  • Plastic bag to protect the bag from dust (in KTM buy)
  • Walking sticks
  • Fructose candies, power bars and other trekking snacks
  • Credit card or money for an emergency
  • Medications, if necessary

The equipment should be very light and compact, as can be noticed in every gram of this amount. 15 kg should be sufficient.

The climate varies from cold to hot; the air is dry and dusty. Weather changes frequently, layers of thin clothing are easier for adjustment.

Under exceptional circumstances, it is appropriate to have tablets for water purification it.

Films and batteries you bring best from home to ensure good quality. Please note, that there might not be any electricity to charge batteries for up to 7 days!

Cash (U.S. $ or EUR) is easy to swap anywhere. Traveler's checks are not recommended (excessive fees). Debit and credit cards can be used in Kathmandu to get Rupees (bank charges of approximately EUR 5 per transaction).

Energy snacks or special food needs you better bring from home, the facilities are limited.

It is advisable to avoid bright colours and flashy clothing, so that one can blend into the environment.

If you need a good sleeping bag or a good down jacket, which can be concerned in KTM. In Kathmandu you will find manufacturers (Australians), the high-quality down (90/10%) use from Australia and make the jackets and sleeping bags in, high-tech 'way. Prices range betw 95-125 EUR. Sleeping bags provide full comfort of -10C/-15C up to-25C. These sleeping bags are about 3 to 4 times as expensive in Europe! Consider the warmer weather of June to September.

Contact, Information and Registration


Dolalghat, kavram Nepal

Phone: 977 11 49 80 12

Mobile: 977 98 51 00 06 39

Email: quasan@gmx.de

Webpage: www.Quasan.org

Contact and information to stay in the Kali Ashram

Kali Ma

Dolalghat, kavram Nepal

Phone: 977 11 49 80 12

Mobile: 977 98 51 05 46 34

Email: kali-ashram@web.de

Webpage: www.Kali-Ma.com